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Chinese shoes network Sept. 22 hearing, has been set up to accommodate the start of a new semester, Nike shoes pantone 11s is designed for signature dunk high premium on creating fun "," back to school colors, he is overwhelmed, we provide a more detailed view pictures. As its name implies, this shoe is mainly on the hair itself notebooks for inspiration, and the use of leather "cover" and the blue and white "page" is a combination of cheap shoes Pantone spot black and 11S white, wearing a black sole and final statements gray outsole, the overall design is full of childish fun. (Media Partners: Grace shoes shoes picture)

The annual carnival celebrating Sneakerball northwest Royce held in Madrid, Spain, Nike pantone 11s has been with the New York artist Sean Griffin designed the concept of sculpture, as a welcome input Exhibition events center. For Battier is undoubtedly creative planning is a daunting task. He needs to create works of art and 3D effects, not only as a sculpture exhibition at the event, need to be applied to the printed form of commercial propaganda. And designer Sean Griffin resistant · Cornwell, a 3D modeling since the beginning of the first, followed by the basic shape foam sculpture carved collaboration, and in the final image design: Air 3 of Jordan1, Nike the Pantone 11S cheap Nike Blazer is the same as three meteorite crashed into the sport of basketball. The final touch, the entire sculpture foam covered with gray cement is no difference spectacular, and even use the word to describe the real stone sculpture.

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The event is to celebrate the end of the 2014 World Cup held in Spain basketball, but also in the event demonstrated the Nike air jordan 11 Pantone Basketball brand design favor, to allow local fans to understand the culture of NIKE basketball.

Nike released in 2011, and with the movie Back to the Future II shoes the same paragraph, resistance Ke Mage auction. At that time, the shoe has a panel LED glowing Nike logo, a charge can be up to 5 hours of battery life. But the movie is different, shoes are not actually in front of the film's advertising fitness function.

However, according to foreign media reports, a single collector, designer Nike Air Jordan11 of Pantone cheap Tinker Hatfield said, this shoe will come soon. Tinker Hatfield said that in 2015, they will produce lace power (smart shoelaces). Of course, Tinker Hatfield, everything is not 100% credible, but smart lace worth the wait.

Nike Air Jordan 11 of Pantone recently organized a group called "Nike78 activities," they asked the artist as a prototype Nike air jordan 11 Pantone shoes, the various functions of the challenges to get new shoes design inspiration. By Paul Jenkins in charge of the project, has now started to collect works of artists and will be on display at the London Design Festival in September.

A pair of shoes, I believe led to the attention of many users of Wii, which is a combination of high-tech Nike shoes, which is a shoe designer named Nick pantone 11s Marsh with the Wii controller to adjust. While this idea is not very new, but the players wear shoes Wii scene thinking, I believe that we can imagine the action is parody.

Maybe Nick pantone 11 for sale swamp Nintendo find inspiration, develop leg of a new Wii controller, allowing players to control the use of the lower extremities of the game.

Here is the practical effect of these shoes, dress shoes, you can see how the Wii with a sense of humor play games "In the personal history of innovation and competition Durant, life, through color, pattern and texture, vivid scene of reconciliation in the field to reduce described - Performance AP Pantone 11 for sale by Kevin his inspiration.

KD7 easy money, through a series of themes KD7 weather and lightning, color and creativity, Durant section nickname - combined "easy money."

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1752 Franklin's famous kite experiment, metal key and a kite to prove that lightning is actually a full draft, changed the way people recognize the power of the lightning current fundamental way.

AIR JORDAN11 of Pantone the seriesis the time, AIR JORDAN11 of easy money is inspired by Pantone Franklin's lightning and power of a great discovery, and Franklin's image is also printed on the $ 100's design theme, so KD7 easy money green as the main color.

Durant's upcoming league MVP said: "We want to give KD7 strong narrative designer Leo Chang (Zhang Zhuanxi) and the design team has been very focused on technological innovation, we also hope that this story can be designed to make the AIR JORDAN shoes 11 Pantonechangent, more interesting, and let everyone know the real me. " KD7 each color are all human beings, in the common elements: the outline of Maryland house built in the outsole, while the band was in Wanda's grandmother Barbara, father Wayne and brother Tony's name printed on the mother. Since September 6, jordan 11 Pantone easy money will and designated retail outlets.

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